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Tired of having a wet basement?

WE can help!

Whenever homeowners are forced to deal with a wet, leaky basement, it is always a hard, stressful experience. If left unresolved, moisture within the basement area may eventually contribute to development of mold that is detrimental to human health. Furthermore, water leakage in the basement may indicate serious structural foundation damage caused by time and/or underground hydrostatic water pressure. Due to all of these reasons, homeowners need the best foundation repair and waterproofing experts available, knowing with 100% certainty that the foundation of their home is in the right hands. Our company meets these criteria perfectly. 


At Rainbow Solutions, our main priority is to make wet basements permanently dry. Our company is family owned, and we treat our customers like family as well. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our company possesses all the necessary expertise and experience in foundation repair and waterproofing. We provide our clients with unequaled quality of service as well as unbeatable prices throughout all of the Greater Toronto Area. We are proud to give a 30 year transferable warranty with any work performed by our company. And if at any time a homeowner requires consultation and advice on how to find the best solution for his foundation problem, our qualified team of professionals will always be glad to help, free of charge. Now you know that you can always trust Rainbow Solutions, for We will make your basement permanently dry!



Internal waterproofing is a cost effective solution for unfinished living areas. It is also the only method of protecting the basement area from water in case there is no access for outside building excavation.

External waterproofing is designed to prevent
water from penetrating the foundation by applying water resistant materials onto the outer side of the foundation wall. This process requires excavation of the ground surrounding the structure, followed by application of all the necessary  waterproofing treatment onto the exposed foundation wall.

Our company also specializes in all kinds of different drain work, including: downspout installation, backwater valve installation, camera inspections, drain cleaning service and drain repairs. 




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